Want a date with Aspen's mayor?

Katie Redding
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO, Colorado

ASPEN — Whether you love or hate Aspen’s most powerful politician, now you can date Mayor Mick Ireland — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

On Wednesday at Aspen’s Fly Lounge, Tasha the Love Coach will be auctioning off a date with 19 Aspen singles, including Aspen’s bachelor mayor. Proceeds will benefit Challenge Aspen, a nonprofit serving people with disabilities.

And maybe, said Casey McConnell, who is helping to organize the event, a love match or two will be made.

“Maybe we’ll get the mayor matched up,” he said. “Somebody who watches Channel 11 every night religiously will show up and get her man.”

But Ireland said there’s more to him than City Council meetings.

“I’m a fun person. I don’t have a job that allows a lot of levity. But you know, I like to go skiing, hiking, running, go to movies and stuff,” he said. “In my spare time, I’m a fun person. I don’t think that’s obvious.”

Ireland said McConnell contacted him to join the event through a Facebook request. The mayor joined the popular social networking site recently at the request of his nieces and nephews, he said.

While Wednesday will be the mayor’s first singles auction, Ireland said last year he raised $1,000 for KAJX, Aspen’s public radio station, by auctioning off lunches with himself.

“One of my goals this year has been to give more money to human-services type charities than in the past because I know they’re hurting for donations,” said Ireland. “I don’t have a lot of personal wealth, but I can give time.”

And the mayoral title, said Ireland, sometimes allows him to raise more money than he would otherwise.

“People might do it, just like the KAJX thing with lunch, just to do it,” he said.

Or maybe there’s an Aspenite with a long-standing crush?

“A little less likely on that,” Ireland said.

The Fly Lounge Love Connection auction will be held at 9 p.m. Wednesday. Aspen singles up for bid include: Eliza Mercanti, Erin Robinson, Kassie Inness, Leah Potts, Constance Golder, Julie Mattalo, Andrea Lewkins, Michelle Braun, Melanie Lee, Mayor Mick Ireland, Jesse Wright, Oliver Sharpe, Clint Coerdt, Danny Tamez, Tom Pazdernik, Tanner Rollyson, Erik Lobben, Brian Weaver and Nick McEvoy.


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