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MagnaGlobal, a strategic media investment company, forecasts that in 2011 mobile marketing will grow by 60.1%. In today’s competitive market, businesses are competing for every consumer dollar and their every marketing minute. In order to compete more effectively, companies must recognize that customers expect personalized service. Mobile marketing campaigns create a sense of camaraderie between customers and their companies of choice, while marketing effectively.

Americans see their cell phone as an extension of themselves, from personalized ring tones to cell phone cases in different colors with different designs and patterns on them, to pictures of friends, family and images as the wallpaper. Considering the increasing dependency upon the cell phone, it is no wonder that the cell phone has become such a central part of the identity of Americans. Cell phones are the calendars, the maps, the calculators, the radio, the phone, the computer, the notepad, the television, and the all around best way to reach us. Through mobile messaging campaigns, customers are allowing companies to reach them in a highly personal way.  Americans love convenience. They love the instant gratification of receiving a coupon or update directly to their phones to use immediately, or next week – as they see fit. Because the cell phone has become such a central device in the life of Americans, and due to its highly personal nature, companies given permission by the customer to send mobile messages to them are given direct and personal access to each and every customer. This relationship is mutually beneficial. Customers enjoy receiving coupons from companies they like; they enjoy the personal relationship – feeling as though a company is thinking about their needs and them personally. Companies benefit from sending ads directly to interested customers.

While the customer is satisfied by the personal nature of mobile messaging campaigns, companies are able to redirect their market strategies. Formerly, businesses relied on television ads, radio ads and print ads. However, as more customers turn to their smart phones or online sites for news, newspapers have experienced significant losses in circulation and advertising dollars over the last year. Local papers lost 4.6% in 2010, while the newspaper industry as a whole experienced a 3.5% loss. The radio industry has also suffered due to the advent of iTunes and other online music sources, and the use of iPods, and iPhones for music needs. Ads invested in radio have always been difficult to target, never knowing which station most effectively reaches a company’s target audience. Television ads grew by 40% in the last year, however forecasters warn that this gain could be temporary as the capabilities and capacity of the cell phone increase. Particularly since television ads are inhibitive in price comparison to mobile messaging ads. Mobile messaging software companies such as Qittle, offer their partners, a low monthly fee for providing multiple ads and updates at the determination of the company.

The best strategic move a company can make is to make themselves relevant to their customers. Mobile messaging builds a relationship with the customer, while at the same time mobile messages are more cost effective, and more targeted in its scope. As companies search for ways to be more innovative in the ways they use their marketing budgets, mobile marketing campaigns are the logical choice.

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