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Recently, the Mobile Marketer found SMS text message campaigns have grown 74% over the past year. Of these messages, 97% are opened and read.  Increasingly, retailers are finding that text message campaigns increase brand recognition, help in product launches and improve traffic to physical stores and online sites.

Brand recognition is an essential element in successful marketing campaigns.  SMS texting makes branding building easier than ever. Statistics show that customers need consistent exposure to a company and their products. On average, it takes 5-7 exposures for a consumer to look at a company or ad further. Companies building brand loyalty are able, through text messages, to reach their customers on a personal level, regularly, reminding them about their products and services.   In addition to frequent exposure, consumers respond best to diversity in the message. Text message campaigns offer companies flexibility in the content of their message and the timing. Simply sending messages at different times, offering varying bits of information or coupons offers enough diversity to spark the attention of many consumers.  Because text message campaigns are based on an opt-in format, companies who use this form of marketing have an added benefit in that the customers they are reaching, already have interest in the company.

Information sent to SMS customers relies on this existing relationship for successful product launches and releases. Due to the high opening rate of text messages customers are exposed, often repeatedly, to the information distributed by companies concerning their products. These repeated exchanges help build excitement around new products or services. Often companies play trivia games with customers increasing their knowledge about the product or industry offered. This in turn, builds interest in the launch of new products and services. Text messages also offer the opportunity to offer coupon codes and discounts to SMS customers for participating in games. Discounts and games build brand recognition while simultaneously building interest in new products.
According to statistics complied during the holiday rush of 2010, found that companies utilizing SMS text message campaigns saw an Increase of foot traffic in stores from 50-100% over sales advertised traditional venues. Website activity has also been found to increase during periods of text message campaigns.

These increases in interest and activity can be attributed largely to the convenience of SMS texting. Most customers carry their phones during errands, grocery shopping and practically everywhere. Messages sent to cell phones are easily opened and acted upon. Whether a customer is standing in a retail store looking at an ad, and decides to run into that particular store to benefit from a specific coupon, or if a customer is at the gas station, and searching the company while filling up, text messages get customer’s attention immediately. This immediate response often translates to increases in sales and certainly in traffic both actual and online.

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