SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing campaigns offer companies the best return on investment in the marketing world today. Dollar for dollar, the money used to reach customers on their mobile devices has been shown to be money well spent.

Mobile message campaigns allow you to connect with your customer on a personal level through an exchange of information. Your campaign can be multifaceted, for example see how Aspen Skiing Company uses their mobile campaign to inform their customers and to offer discounts and coupons.

Make Your Message Heard. Ninety percent of all mobile marketing messages are opened and read by consumers. Coupons received via text message are redeemed at more than 10 times the rate of traditional paper coupons.

Reach Your Customers. Customers receiving mobile messages from your company opt-in, meaning they like your product or service and want to learn more about your company, receive your coupons and know when your store is offering special sales.

Track Your Coupons. Mobile message coupon codes allow you to track the codes redeemed, enabling you to see which products are popular, which trends are hot – and which products need work. Through text message campaigns you can simultaneously improve your product, and your customer’s experience.

SMS Marketing is a win-win marketing strategy – Get started today!

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