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In any form of advertising, the more clearly you answer the customer’s “what’s in it for me” question, the better — and in mobile marketing, with an opt-out just a STOP key away, getting to the heart of the matter needs to be done with immediacy and speed. Niche markets, including those that sell basically one product, have a distinct advantage to those advertisers promoting a variety of services or inventory: their opt-in text marketing list is composed of people interested in that specific product.

Take a look at this Mobile Campaign Example

Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Opt in

Spike TV’s show Blue Mountain State has a very cool mobile marketing campaign. The new season starts Oct 20th on Spike and they are running season 1 episodes leading up to the new season promoting their website and mobile campaign.

The above photo is their website which is mobilized and it strongly promotes their Text Marketing campaign, Text BMS to 44686

Blue Mountain State Mobile Marketing Text Message

The reply text message confirms you’ve joined the Goat and promotes a link to a special video with Thad.

The exclusive video found only through the mobile link. This is a very cool campaign with mobile only content that viewers will want to get and is a reason to Opt in.

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