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“Our Text Message redemption rate has been around 15% whereas our Print coupons yield a 1% redemption rate.” Josh Martino, Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q

Adding mobile to your restaurant marketing plan is pretty easy. The above example is of Bono’s BBQ and their text message marketing campaign.

Did you ever wonder why the not-so-good restaurant across the street has more customers than your very-classy-yet-affordable restaurant? The other restaurant probably has an effective restaurant marketing strategy.

Conventional advertising methods may be expensive but there are better and more effective alternatives to these advertising techniques. If you want people to know more about your restaurant and take advantage of your great meal promos and deals, then why not use a mobile campaign for restaurant marketing?

Restaurant marketing needs not be very expensive. With a mobile campaign, you can create great advertisements and be able to reach a whole lot of people compared to traditional methods of marketing. A mobile campaign allows you to reach out to your customers at a more individualized level.

With this kind of advertising strategy, your customers have control over the kind of advertisements they receive from your business. If a customer only wants to receive information on your lunch specials, she’d have a greater possibility of responding to your lunch special ads than as compared to you sending out generic advertisements.

With mobile marketing, you can send out specific advertisements at specific times of the day. This means, you can send lunch meal promos and dinner rates during hours that your customers might be figuring out what to have for that meal, making it convenient for your busy customers to decide to eat at your restaurant because they receive not only a deal but also a reminder that you’re out there!

Are you ready to use a mobile campaign as your restaurant marketing strategy?

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Restaurants are offering weekly specials such as free appetizers with an entrée or free drinks with a meal. The advertising is being sent via SMS text messaging, Table Tents and through their email database.

Restaurant customers have had great success implementing SMS text marketing campaigns and building their databases. The ease and effectiveness of the Qittle software platform, its ability to reach customers, and the desire to cut marketing costs by bringing some of the marketing in house are a natural fit for restaurant.

Check out the following Restaurant Marketing example

Arby’s text campaign is a good example of how simple a restaurant can launch a successful mobile marketing campaign. Walk into an Arby’s and you’ll see table tents with the program. You get a free Beef Cheedar sandwich when you text in. That’s a few dollars worth of value for people Opting into the campaign. Well worth the effort!

Things to take away from Arby’s

1. Promote the program in the store

2. A good offer for Opt in

3. Decide to do mobile and stick with it!

The number of mobile Opt in’s will increase over time, this is a graph of one of our more successful clients. They are offering a great Opt in reward and month over month their data base is growing.

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