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But why Qittle?

With mobile phones inundating the air space, it seemed that there was much more chatter every where. This was exactly what Casey wanted companies to do more of with their customers. So here’s how the name came about…

One night Casey called up his Mom and asked her what was another word for Chatter and she replied Prattle. Casey did a Google search and found another word with that ttle spelling. Casey added the Q and I from the company he had set up, Quantum Innovations, to create Qittle. He found there was a Qittle dot com available. Casey slept on it for 24 hours and decided let’s go with it!

“At this point I’m sure you’re saying to yourself but shouldn’t there be a U? Or shouldn’t it be pronounced Quittle. Believe me I have heard all of this before. My mom’s whole side of the family are/were educators. And like I told them – I made the word up so I can say and spell it like I want too.” Casey McConnell

The easiest way to take your business Mobile!
Qittle helps you send mobile messages to your customers and teams. It’s this simple; add contacts, create a SMS text message, send it and track your results.


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