Qittle Vision for 2015

I just got off the phone with Sue who has a coffee shop and she’s been using Qittle the past year to communicate with her customers. Sue said she is amazed how well her customers respond to her offers, she sees customers redeem coupons on their phone every day and it helps her level out her revenue during traditionally slow times. Her customers enjoy getting messages from Sue because they are rewarded for being great customers.

When Sue first called a year ago she wasn’t sure how Qittle would work for her business but she was looking for something to help grow and maintain her customer loyalty program. Kellee was able to help her plan a campaign that would work specifically for her business and be something that her customers would want to join because they get value out of it. It’s awesome to work with people like Sue who have a passion for their business and we are able to help them be more successful as they pursue their dreams.

Our development team has created an easy to use solution with a lot of cool tools our clients have requested over the years. Any time Mike is talking to one of our clients he usually picks up on something that would make their business more efficient and if our software doesn’t have it we try to incorporate it into our next roll out of upgrades.

Today Leesa just told the team we just signed up our 100,000th client who is using the Qittle solution to manage their mobile marketing efforts. For the past 7 years we have heard from clients like Sue who are amazed how a simple solution like Qittle can mean so much to their business and we’re humbled that we can play a role in their livelihood.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.


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